Kingston community dealing with dog attacks

Police and the chairman of the Kingston Community Association say issuing a menacing-dog notice to a Kingston man is a positive step forward in reducing dog attacks in the area.

Recently, a Kingston dog owner was issued with a menacing-dog notice, following the latest in a series of dog attacks.

Kingston and Frankton community constable Zoe Albon, said there had not been a noticeable rise in dog attacks in Kingston, but police awareness had increased.

She said as the attack reports were "dog versus dog", the lead authority in charge of resolving the issue was dog control, which was governed by Lakes Environmental.

In her role as community constable, she has liaised with members of the community and approached the menacing dog owner for discussion.

"I think what happened through chance, was a couple of dogs off their leads ended up together," Const Albon said.

"It's good that dog control have been made aware of the issue and the way it is being dealt with is proving effective," she said.

"What can cause concern in a close community like Kingston, is how quickly news can spread," she said.

Following an article in the Otago Daily Times, a dog behaviour control specialist from Christchurch contacted the chairman of the Kingston Community Association, Peter Gibson.

The specialist suggested a "think-tank" approach to the issue involving all concerned members of the community.

Mr Gibson said the specialist raised "some interesting points", but was not called in for service.

Issuing the menacing-dog notice was a positive sign the community is "working a way through it,""We are a good step closer to getting things resolved, but if the owner doesn't comply he's asking for the heavy hand of the law down on him," Mr Gibson said.

KCA has received two "description of incident" forms, after asking Kingston residents to send information, in a bid to identify dangerous dogs, and their owners, in Kingston.


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