'Misinformation' a concern

Jim Boult
Jim Boult
Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult and other Queenstown Lakes councillors have urged the Queenstown Airport Corporation to provide more information about its plans for Wanaka Airport.

Some idea about what the extent of development at Wanaka Airport was likely to be would dispel a large amount of "misinformation".

Mr Boult said he was concerned about the number of "ill-informed comments" about the potential development.

"I saw someone the other day liken Wanaka Airport to living under the runway at Heathrow.

"I imagine two flights in the morning and two flights in the evening as probably being where we are for the foreseeable future."

Wanaka ward councillors Ross McRobie and Calum MacLeod agreed and asked the airport corporation for some form of communication with the community about the extent of the development.

"If we can look at giving the Wanaka community some assurance that there aren't going to be wide-body jets, I'd be happy to be a part of that," Cr MacLeod said.


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