One family’s departure expected to cut crime

Aaron Nicholson.
Aaron Nicholson.
The departure from Wanaka of a single family is expected to improve the town's crime statistics.

Speaking at the public forum of the Wanaka Community Board on Wednesday, Sergeant Aaron Nicholson, of Wanaka, said the town had a "very busy'' summer and alcohol underpinned a significant amount of crime, as it always had done.

He explained CCTV cameras were helping identify offenders and the type of offending.

Then he mentioned a family, whom he did not name, which had made a "significant contribution to crime'' but had recently left town.

As a result, he said, police expected to see a reduction in crime in Wanaka.

Not only had the family gone but also their "associates''.

He did not say where the family had moved.

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