Seat belt law to be enforced

The police in Queenstown are on a mission to make people belt up while driving.

Senior Sergeant Glenn Wilkinson told the Otago Daily Times there was a perception among local officers that many motorists were ignoring the rule. He said it was ``disappointing'' young people chose to offend, given laws have been in place for decades.

Sen Sgt Wilkinson pointed to national figures which show wearing a seat belt can reduce the fatality risk by 50%.

``There is just no reason for not wearing one. The reality is it saves lives and it takes two seconds to put it on.

``From a policing point of view it is frustrating when you see people not wearing them - I mean it is not like it is a new thing.''

He urged drivers to belt up but issued a stern warning to those who flouted the rules.

``Expect to see us out and about. We will be parked up at intersections and this will be a focus in Queenstown and around Otago. We want to pick up those who are committing the offence.''

Officers will continue to address drink-driving and the use of mobile phones by motorists, but Snr Sgt Wilkinson stressed basic road safety rules, such as wearing seat belts, would be a priority.


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