Shotover jet praised as industry's leader over safety

The jet-boating company that will take the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a spin next month was praised when it applied to renew its licence.

Queenstown harbourmaster Marty Black backed Shotover Jet's application to the Queenstown Lakes District Council this week for a renewal of its licence and concession agreement for another five years.

In a report accompanying the application, Mr Black said of all the companies he audited under Maritime New Zealand rules, ''Shotover Jet clearly are leaders in their field and they set the industry standard for jet-boat operations''.

''I have been impressed with their practices of continually improving designs of boat and systems to ensure the safety of river users and their clients is paramount.''

The company's safety practices exceeded what was required, he said.

The council granted the licence and concession for a further five years, the maximum period.

The Royals will be taken for a jet-boat ride on April 13 when they visit Queenstown.

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