'There is no justice in the justice system': arson victim

The victim of a Queenstown arsonist who set fire to her home while her family was asleep has taken to social media, saying they were saved by her nephew who heard her car windows explode.

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She posted on Facebook saying arsonist Dillan Wilson (22) wanted to burn the house down "so I could feel the same pain he felt being rejected'' after the end of their relationship.

Wilson lit a fire on the back seat of her car which spread, leading the garage and house being extensively damaged.

Wilson was sentenced to more than four years in prison in the Christchurch District Court last month on charges of arson, burglary, attempting to intentionally access a computer and driving while forbidden.

"There were no fire alarms in our garage so it was by sheer luck my nephew heard my car windows exploding,'' the woman wrote.

Five minutes after the family evacuated, the car exploded.

"There is no justice in the justice system,'' she said.

"On the upside my children and I can finally move on with life.''