Weekend violence keeps Queenstown police busy

Police have charged a 51-year-old woman with assault after she allegedly pushed a wine glass into a man's chest at a Queenstown home.

Sergeant Steve Watt said the woman and her husband, from Auckland, were visiting friends at a property in Jack's Point, where an argument broke out about 2.25am on Saturday.

The woman is accused of getting into an argument with a man and pushing the wine glass into his chest, causing the glass to smash. 

Sgt Watt said the woman also tried to slap the man "across the face a couple of times''.

Shortly after, police pulled over a vehicle driven by a 52-year-old man, who had been at the Jack's Point home. He recorded a blood-alcohol level of 833mg.

The woman was arrested and is due to appear in court this morning.

Police also arrested a 32-year-old man who allegedly kicked a security guard in the chest at a bar in Church St, on Sunday at 2.55am.  

The security guard fell down a set of stairs after being kicked, Sgt Watt said.

The alleged offender is also due to appear in court today.