Licence not suspended

The Liquor Licensing Authority decided not to suspend an off-licence for the Clutha Licensing Trust at a hearing in Balclutha yesterday.

Two suspension applications had been lodged by police after the trust was caught selling alcohol to an under-age purchaser during a routine controlled purchase operation. The Liquor Licensing Authority (LLA) considered an application to suspend the Clutha Licensing Trust's off-licence for the Hotel South Otago, and an application for the suspension of a general manager's certificate.

Authority chairman Judge John Hole said he did not grant either application, citing "systemic" reasons due to the length of time between the operation and the application. Judge Hole said the systemic issues were because of a shortage of police staff. The applications followed a controlled purchase operation in December 2010, which found two of the seven off-licences sold alcohol to the 16-year-old purchaser. A formal decision will be released next month.

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