Swim Sharks secure snazzy supplies

Head coach Emily Curral is training the South Otago Sharks with new, professional accessories....
Head coach Emily Curral is training the South Otago Sharks with new, professional accessories. PHOTO: NICK BROOK
South Otago Sharks have raised the bar with some new, professional training equipment.

Thanks to a grant from Otago Community Trust the Clutha District swimming club have backstroke starters and training parachutes.

The sharks started up three years ago to pool resources for strong local swimmers of all ages to train and compete to the highest amateur levels they can achieve.

About 25 mostly school-age swimmers, six administrators and plenty of parents train up to four times a week throughout the year.

"Anybody interested in joining only has to ask," head coach Emily Curral said.

"But we do scout a bit and let any strong or dedicated swimmers know we’re here for them if they want to take their talents to the next level.

"Peak swimming season starts in February and ends around now, with competitions about every second weekend.

"We have 7 to 8 competitors heading to the Otago Short Course [25m pool] championships."

Backstroke starters are adjustable bars arranged over pool starting blocks to give backstroke competitors ideal grip as well as a good crouch position for an explosive

start to their races.

The small training parachutes are towed through the water behind the swimmer for grinding, endurance and resistance training.

"We’re really pleased the trust came through for us with the grant," Mrs Curral said,

"The team is serious about what they do and having professional level equipment really enables them to try their best.

"It boosts morale."