Tarras airport petition launched

Sustainable Tarras is itching for a national conversation on the proposed Tarras Airport, so has launched a parliamentary petition against the proposal.

The group’s chairman, Chris Goddard, said yesterday the petition was launched on Tuesday.

It had received 37 signatures by last night.

‘‘We believe that a return to pre-Covid-19 levels of tourism will have negative impacts on our communities, and that building this airport would devastate the beautiful landscape, contribute to climate change, and be an unnecessary cost to us all,’’ the petition states.

Mr Goddard said a recent Sustainable Tarras group survey of 180 households revealed many residents were worried about the developer, Christchurch International Airport Ltd, blocking most residential, commercial and horticultural development.

There was a 41% return rate of the surveys, with 83% against the airport.

‘‘All of the community believes in Tarras and it having a long term vibrant future . . . How New Zealand approaches tourism, environment and infrastructure is not a decision for the Christchurch airport and the families of Tarras to make alone. This is a national conversation,’’ Mr Goddard said.

Christchurch airport project director

Michael Singleton said the airport was experienced and a world leader in carbon reduction.

‘‘Our team has valuable insight and regularly participates in conversations on aviation, freight and tourism at all levels.”

The Sustainable Tarras petition closes on September 28 next year.

A select committee would then decide whether the petition proceeds further and is introduced to Parliament.

Meanwhile, Mr Singleton’s talk to the Cromwell Business Network has been rescheduled for November 3 at 7.30am.

The breakfast meeting could not be held yesterday because of Covid-19 restrictions on gathering.



If this was a petition to close Wanaka and Queenstown airports I would sign, but there's got to be an international airport down there somewhere and Tarras the best place. So folks don't get sucked in to the NIMBYS petition.