Magic must execute; Bombers defend well

The Mid City magic faces the City Rise Bombers in today's club basketball final at the Edgar Centre. Jeff Cheshire takes a look at the teams. 

Mid City Magic


Comes into the finals with a 14-2 record and has found ways to win the close ones.

Players to watch

Josh Aitcheson: A long athlete who can do it all and is most threatening with his spin move going middle.

Darcy Knox: A guard with speed and a tight handle. Dangerous off the dribble and one of the best one-on-one perimeter defenders in the league.


Push the ball: The Magic is not the guard-laden team it was last year, but it still pushes the ball better than anyone. It can score very quickly and, when it is doing that, few can keep up.

Team chemistry: This is a talented team with players that know how to play together. It runs a loop set to get its guards looks. But ultimately this is a team that just has a great feel for the game.

Execute well: When the Magic has been clinical this year it has been clearly the best team. However, at times it has turned too much ball over and given up too many rebounds. Often you will see both sides of it in one game. Limiting the bad and maximising the good is especially key for this team.

City Rise Bombers


Went 7-8 throughout the season, but at full-strength a tough beast. Beat the St Kilda Saints and Andy Bay Falcons over the past two weeks to get here.

Players to watch

Olly Smith: Classy all-round guard who shoots well, particularly pulling up going right. Can make tough shots and will keep the team going in a tough spot.

Matt Bardsley: An animal around the hoop and has sublime footwork. Everyone knows he wants to get to the hoop, but that does not stop him getting there.


Getting the right shots: The majority of the Bombers players excel scoring in one area each. Getting its drivers looks at the hoop and its shooters open on the outside will be key.

Pistol: The Bombers create plenty of looks out of their pistol action - a dribble hand-off into an on-ball screen. They do that well too, particularly when Smith is the one coming off the screen.

Defensive transition: To compete with the Magic you have to slow it down in transition. Containing the ball and preventing an early pass to an open lane runner is crucial in that regard.


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