NZ Sports Hall of Fame into the black

Photo: Gregor Richardson
Photo: Gregor Richardson
The New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame is looking to guarantee its future but it is slow progress.

The hall, located on the first floor of the Dunedin Railway Station, presented its annual report this week and it has moved back into the black, though only just.

Cairman Stuart McLauchlan said in his report the year had been one of positioning for the organisation.

The board of governors was looking to have a succession plan for staff and the board of governors, sustainable funding to enable the hall to focus on its core business and also to identify the best location for the hall to operate from.

Sport New Zealand had met hall governors and had appointed a contractor to look into the goals the hall was pursuing and and how the hall would look like in the digital world.

A report is expected to be finalised by mid-February.

Hall chief executive Ron Palenski said, in his report, the hall would have been around for 30 years next year and in November next year it would have been located in the Dunedin Railway Station for 21 years.

Palenski said it was a different world now compared to when the hall first started.

The hall’s role was to honour the past and those who pioneered sporting pathways but it also assumed the additional roles of educating a modern generation about the champions who had been.

The role of the hall was not to just educate but also to inspire the next generation of champions.

Its role was also not just merely a sporting function.

"It’s axiomatic that a sporting nation is a healthy nation, and the hall has said to anyone who would listen that the benefits of sport are an economic benefit to the nation," Palenski said.

The hall had an increased income this year, up to $221,664 from $208,293 from last year.

The hall made a surplus of $86 after a loss last year of more than $24,000.

It receives $100,000 from Sport New Zealand and $42,900 from the Dunedin City Council by way of a rates rebate.


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