Curling: NZ men hold 12th ranking

The New Zealand men are holding their own but the women have work to do to improve their international curling ranking. The New Zealand men retained their 12th spot in the latest World Curling Federation ranking list released this week. The women are in 20th spot.

There are 49 countries affiliated to the World Curling Federation. The world rankings were developed by 1998 Olympic champion Patrick Hürlimann (Switzerland). He was vice-president of the World Curling Federation from 2010 to 2012.

Points are gained for top-level spots at the Asia and Pacific, European and world championships and the Winter Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are special and the points are doubled.

China has moved from ninth to sixth over the past 12 months, on the back of its win at the Asia and Pacific championships at Naseby last month.

China and New Zealand are the only countries from the Asia and Pacific region in the top 12.

The biggest mover was Russia, which moved up four places, from 17th to 13th. The top five teams in the world remain the same. Three teams from the Asia and Pacific region rank in the women's top 12. China, the Asia and Pacific champions at Naseby, is fourth.

The other teams from the region in the top 12 are Korea (10th) and Japan (11th).

New Zealand has 20 points. The Olympic Games qualifying list is different. Points can only be gained at the world championships.

The New Zealand men are ranked fifth with eight points. They did not make the cut and will not be able to add any more qualifying points at next year's world championships.

The women's world championships will be held at Riga, Latvia, on March 16-24 with the following teams: Latvia (as host), Canada, United States, China, Japan, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

The men's world championship will be held at Victoria, Canada, from March 30 to April 7 with following teams: Canada (as host), United States, China, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Scotland and Finland.



World rankings
Leading teams


Men: Canada 782 points, Scotland 610, Norway 590, Sweden 484, Switzerland 419, China 336, United States 336, France 331, Germany 331, Denmark 318, Czech Republic 188, New Zealand 149.

Women: Sweden 688 points, Canada 639, Switzerland 534, China 502, Denmark 430, Germany 417, Scotland 387, United States 354, Russia 328, Korea 237, Japan 230, Italy 169.

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