Word of Mouth - Susie Staley

Susie Staley, MNZM, Partner, Board Chair and Director Staley Cardoza Lawyers Dunedin

What are the main ways you create balance in your life?

I am definitely a work in progress and probably have not yet achieved this! The ways I try are working in my large garden (and planning the ongoing planting design), friends and whānau and travelling for pleasure. Again, some of the fun is planning the travel! I enjoy a good book and binge-watching a television series; currently, Unforgotten.

I do need to read a lot of work-related papers at home, but am working hard on trying to limit that to the weekends so I can switch off.

How do you manage your health and fitness with a demanding job?

Sporadically! I am out of town quite a lot so any routine I try inevitably gets interrupted (or is that just my excuse)? I try to eat well with more greens and vegetables than meat and carbs.

My weekend pleasure is generally a walk with my friend Julia around back beach in Port Chalmers - we walk and talk and solve the world’s problems and then end up with coffee at our local: the Union Cafe in Port.  It is a good walk and interesting conversation – well, we think so – and is good for the body and soul.

I am also a fan of an Artemis ViraGone mouth spray for immune defence. I use it during winter and on a ‘plane. So far, so good. I have also been using products from Wild Dispensary, a natural health company based in Dunedin.

How much pressure is there still on women to ‘look good’ in the workplace?

I was hoping this was no longer a relevant question! Generally, I think that it is much more flexible now and people can wear what they want, but to also consider what might be more appropriate in a certain setting; for example, in court or meeting a client. I have always worn what I like but do feel more comfortable in less casual clothes for work. Gone are the days (I hope) when I was asked by graduates if it was compulsory to wear suits and short skirts in a law office!! It was not, but there seemed to be an impression that it was a requirement. 

I do, however, think women with a public profile (think CEO’s and television personalities) have tended to be judged on their appearance to a greater extent than men.   

What is your beauty regime and are there any products you swear by?

Not really a set regime of products, but on most days I do use a moisturiser and foundation that has a sunblock. I also (nearly always) use a makeup remover and moisturiser at night. I am a fan of trying new skin products and having just been in Seoul - the land of the face mask - I indulged in a number of face masks for myself and for friends and family too.

I have never used a lot of products on my hair, but as I get older and my hair becomes thinner, I do tend to pay more attention to it. Gemma from Silk is my saviour when it comes to a great cut and keeping my colour and condition under control.

One favourite product is Almond Oil Wash (L’Occitane) which is not only great for the skin but it smells wonderful.