How Can I Help?

The bride and groom will determine the level of involvement they expect from their respective supporters on the day, but some traditional tasks include:


Maid of Honour
• helps the bride choose a wedding gown and accessories, plus outfits for the bridesmaids.
• helps choose the bridal party’s flowers.
• organises the bridal shower and hen night.
• records who sent which wedding gifts.
• ensures the floral arrangements are ready for the bridal party.
• makes sure the bridesmaids are on time on the day.
• helps the bride dress for the wedding.
• carries an emergency kit for the bride.
• arranges the bride’s dress and veil during the ceremony.
• may act as an official witness at the wedding.
• participates in wedding photos.
• helps the bride change into her going-away outfit.

• attend the bridal shower and hen night.
• participate in the wedding ceremony.
• ensure young attendants are amused and well behaved on the day.
• help the bride with any small details on the day.
• participate in wedding photos.


Best man
• attends suit fittings.
• picks up the groom’s and the groomsmen’s suits and accessories ahead of the wedding day.
• collects the wedding flowers, or just the buttonholes, if necessary.
• checks wedding transport arrangements.
• makes sure the groomsmen arrive on time.
• helps the groom dress and gets him to the ceremony on time.
• keeps the wedding rings safe during the ceremony.
• may act as an official witness at the wedding.
• participates in wedding photos.
• prepares a speech, and delivers it at the reception.
• helps the groom change, and returns the groom’s and groomsmen’s suits if hired.
• makes sure the couple’s transport is organised and that they get away on time.
• helps move any wedding gifts from the reception.

• attend the buck’s night
• run messages and errands.
• act as ushers by arriving at the ceremony venue 45 minutes ahead of the bridal party.
• hand out any order of service booklets.
• ensure all guests find their way from the ceremony venue to the reception ¯ and on time.
• participate in wedding photos.
• dance with the bridesmaids after the bridal dance.
• help decorate the couple’s “just married” getaway car.