In awe of mums

Mums are special, and never more so than on the day you get married.
She will be so proud of you, so why not pay tribute with some thoughtful ideas that show how important your mum(s) is/are to you?

INCLUDE her in your planning, choosing a gown, bridesmaid pamper sessions, hens’ night festivities and the excitement on the day of getting ready together.

PHOTO CALL in the busy-ness of the day, organise some special time for a photograph with just the two of you; this is often overlooked with dismay.

SOMETHING old, something new, borrowed or blue will have special meaning if it’s come from your mum. Ask her for ideas and if nothing springs to mind, perhaps try to replicate her own bridal bouquet to represent an older era: new flowers, a borrowed design, and a blue ribbon or blossom.

PUT IT IN WORDS by inviting your mum to do a reading at your wedding, thank her in your speech, and send her a note of thanks on the morning of the wedding with a bouquet.

ARM IN ARM with your mum and dad down the aisle is a current popular trend or you may ask her to be your matron of honour. There are no rules, only wishes.

VIP or MVP - make her a special sign, decorate her chair or find a special place for her at the top table.

REMEMBER her. Even if you no longer have your mum with you she can still be a part of your special day. Carry her photo, wear her gown or her jewellery, play her favourite music and toast her memory.