Capturing Those Special Moments

Photo by Blacklabel Photography
Photo by Blacklabel Photography
Photo by S.S. Photography
Photo by S.S. Photography

After all your planning, your wedding day will pass by in the flash of a camera.

Having photographs that reflect your big day is important, and great to look back on in the weeks and years after the big event.

You will not regret investing some time in finding a good photographer, as you will be relying on them to capture the mood and style of your day, as well as be able to direct you and make you feel comfortable.


  • Budget - how much can you afford? This will determine how much of the day the photographer captures and may require you to adjust some of the run times to suit. For example, you may cut the cake straight after the speeches before the photographer leaves.
  • What is included in the package - will you receive copies of all the images or just a set number? Do you recieve any prints? Understand what your photographer is offering and confirm it in writing.
  • Style — you will likely select your photographer based on their previous work, but, to avoid disappointment, it is important they understand what style of photographs you are after — documentary, natural, posed, candid.
  • Weather - if there is one thing you can’t control it is the weather. Ensure you have discussed suitable wet weather options with your photographer.
  • Social media — are you happy for your guests to post images of your wedding on social media? Make sure your wishes are made clear (your MC or celebrant can make an announcement prior to the ceremony starting).


Jump online to suss out what style of wedding photos you are after. Most wedding photographers have albums of previous weddings for you to scroll through. Save the shots you particularly like or would like to re-create so you can discuss them with your chosen professional.