The young attendants, who are the bride's niece and nephew, at the wedding of Michaela...
The young attendants, who are the bride's niece and nephew, at the wedding of Michaela Hajartstram and Andy Connor in February. MOIRA CLARK, M.PHOTOG, NZIPP, AIPP.

Videographers are skilled practitioners who treat a wedding rather like a film set as they record the action and seek out the unexpected and spontaneous.

But there are no chances for second or third takes as they work towards making the viewer feel part of the action, rather than simply an onlooker, and capturing the ``feel'' of the wedding in a way no other medium can.

Then comes the editing. Some videographers put the full ceremony and speeches in separate chapters at the end of the DVD and a shorter form in the main video. Some put out a trailer of stills or short segments. Each videographer has his/her own style, just as professional still photographers do, and it is advisable for couples to view examples of their work - preferably of a wedding - if they are at all uncertain as to choice.

Some practitioners with experience in still and video photography have introduced a service called mediography, which is a combination of media genres.

Using the latest technology it merges photography and videography and brings in the elements of sound, movement and continuity. Multiple camera coverage offers alternative points of view.

Mediography offers a substantial range of shooting and editing styles, all of the equipment being high definition, small and discreet so that it does not turn a wedding into a film set.

As in selecting a photographer couples are advised to view work to ensure the practitioner is right for them.

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