Dunedin, Hamilton join forces to attract events

Nicole Carvell
Nicole Carvell
Dunedin and Hamilton have launched a joint organisation to attract business events to the two centres.

The Dunedin Convention Bureau announced yesterday it had joined forces with Waikato Business Events to develop Meet North South.

It was launched yesterday in Wellington and bureau business events tourism adviser Nicole Carvell said the new organisation had hit the ground running.

The initiative will try to attract the market made up of the many professional and industry associations in New Zealand, from the likes of the scrap metal recycling industry to kitchen and bathroom manufacturers, or medical associations such as the Paediatric Society of New Zealand.

Those associations often have their conferences in both islands, usually year about, because members were spread throughout the country.

Host cities benefit from accommodation and other spending while the events are on.

Ms Carvell said along with a Hamilton representative, she was doing sales calls in Wellington, then holding meetings in Auckland today.

She said the approach would increase efficiency in the bid process and save time for conference organisers.

By pooling resources with Waikato, the regions could attract new events and present a fresh approach to hosting.

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