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New Zealand’s principled stance on China is being muddied by Winston Peters’ connection with the Bad Boys of Brexit, Professor Robert Patman says.

This week, Foreign Minister Winston Peters announced that New Zealand is suspending its extradition treaty with Hong Kong over China’s new national security law - which Peters has described as a breach of its obligations to a ‘‘one country, two systems’’ approach to Hong Kong.

International affairs commentator Prof Patman says New Zealand is justified in suspending the treaty but the Chinese government will view Mr Peters' position as hypocritical, given that he has contracted Brexit Leave EU campaigners Arron Banks and Andy Wigmore to help with NZ First’s election campaign.

‘‘I think it is unfortunate... that that decision has been slightly blurred,’’ Prof Patman says.

‘‘The official rationale has been given that China has breached the rule of law - when, in fact, the Foreign Minister has sought the assistance of those who have undermined the rule of law in the UK.’’

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The emphasis on Aaron Banks in the summary is very different to the actual discussion that only briefly mentioned Banks.

Not even remotely the same. Brexit was decided by a vote of the people, NZ First will be voted on by the people. China gives its people no say at all - just look at Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan and numerous other examples.

You need to read up on China a bit. While they are a one party totalitarian State, they do give their people a say. There are regular elections, local and national and elected representatives go to a national congress and represent the views of their region. Admittedly, all candidates are chosen by the one party and all representatives will ultimately toe the party line, but local regional points of view are presented and debated. It is not true or fair to say China gives its people no say at all.

okay they give them an illusion of a say and then arrest and disappear any dissenters . ie reporters that don't toe the line , HK protesters , The Uyghurs , etc and numerous other examples . The point still stands that the comparison that this article makes isn't even apple and oranges , it's more apples and molten rock


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