Audiology South - Your local, independent hearing experts

Do people mumble or speak too quietly? Are you often asking people to repeat themselves? Do family complain the TV is too loud?

Maybe it’s time to get your hearing checked.

And where better than at independent, locally owned Audiology South? Now is perfect to boot, as they’re offering a FREE 14 Day Trial on selected hearing devices. It’s as easy as phoning 0800 547 836 or booking online at

Audiology South has been in your community since 2014. It’s owned and operated by senior audiologists Anthony Rowcroft of Dunedin and Simon Melville of Arrowtown, who work in the clinics every day alongside their team.

“We’re practising audiologists, not just business managers,” says Simon, “so we know what works for people.”

Anthony followed his father and grandfather into audiology, originally taking on the family business at Dunedin Hearing Clinic, and after a stint at Bay Audiology where Simon was working in senior management, they teamed up.

They have clinics throughout Otago and Southland, and a growing reputation for their expertise and dedication to ensure customers get the best.

“We have an outstanding team of clinicians who know how to deliver great results,” Anthony says, “and we provide the environment and technology so they can give their best — top-quality rooms and facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, chances to attend conferences and develop their practice, and freedom to prescribe individualised solutions.”

A key difference to other clinics is Audiology South’s independence — they are the only practice in the region free to supply and fit hearing devices from all manufacturers, not just one supplier. And they are truly local. Despite appearances, some other clinics are owned by foreign corporations.

So, don’t put off taking care of yourself. Now is a great time to get a FREE in-clinic hearing check and take advantage of a FREE 14 Day Trial. Pick up the phone NOW and call 0800 547 836 or book online at