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Deloitte: Women in Leadership
Heidi Rautjoki

Heidi Rautjoki,  Partner -  Assurance & Advisory
Heidi Rautjoki, Partner - Assurance & Advisory

Advancing women at all levels is a firm wide priority for Deloitte. Our aim is to accelerate gender diversity and enable women to fulfil their potential and career goals.  Key initiatives supporting that goal are detailed below:

·         Reviewing our gender pay gap quarterly and reporting it to staff.

·         Quarterly reporting to management and the Board on key I&D indicators like the gender pay gap, attrition and recruitment by gender, promotions by gender, our talent pipeline progress and the composition of our business by gender at all levels.

·         Reviewing performance every 6 months, including those on parental leave.

·         14 weeks paid primary care giver’s leave.

·         Eight weeks paid partner leave.

·         Flexible working arrangements.

·         Women in Leadership workshops and mentoring across the business.

·         Sponsors of ShadowTech and TechWomen.

·         Members of Global Women, providing mentors and mentoring.

·         Part of the Champions for Change, reporting on our Diversity.

Deloitte was awarded the 2020 Empowerment Award at the Diversity Works NZ Diversity Awards, in recognition of the progress we’ve made towards accelerating gender diversity at Deloitte.

Heidi Rautjoki is a Dunedin-based partner with over 20 years’ experience within the Deloitte Assurance and Advisory practice. She is also a member of our Board.