International Womens Day: Polson Higgs

Polson Higgs Business Advisors:

From left to right: Amelia, Carole, Courtney
From left to right: Amelia, Carole, Courtney
At Polson Higgs, Carole Adair (a partner) is currently mentoring Amelia McDonald-Nairn (senior accountant) and Courtney Adams (assistant manager).
Carole says this is to guide and support Amelia and Courtney in whatever they choose to do, and to give them the confidence to advance through the benefit of her experience.
‘‘I would like to give them encouragement to go and do it because no one else will pull you through,’’ Carole says.
For Amelia, International Women’s Day is a celebration of the wonderful women in our lives, and their achievements.
‘‘There are still a lot of glass ceilings to break, but I am fortunate to have had some awesome women leading the way for me,’’ she says.
Courtney says as her understanding has grown, International Women’s Day means more and more.
‘‘It is a time to celebrate women and women’s achievements,’’ Courtney says. ‘‘It is a good time to reflect and reflect on gender bias and equality.’’
And for Carole, International Women’s Day is about supporting and celebrating women.
‘‘We do not get enough recognition, so it is good to bring awareness around the achievements of women,’’ Carole says. ‘‘It is a chance to show equality, to bring men and women together and show the women’s perspective.’’