International Womens Day: Harrowset Hall

Ingrid Memelink:

Ingrid Memelink / photo taken by Deborah MacLeod
Ingrid Memelink / photo taken by Deborah MacLeod
Last year pushed boundaries and made me look at my life and reconsider things that are important.  We are seeing better gender balance in Government, business and sport, where the achievements of women are being recognised and rewarded.

The care and responsibility of home life still falls heavily on women The best thing is when we see male role models who are not afraid to be seen holding the baby, enabling equal work both at home and in the workplace, bringing better balance to family life and society.

In the first lockdown I felt that I wanted to pull the covers over my head and let it all blow over but  found a sense of peace as much of the world lost its urgency and found a way to slow down.
After surviving quite a few ups and downs over the years, we continue to work hard to build a business that has a place in a post Covid world. Closing the Dunedin store is certainly not an end to things and in the interim the focus is on our online business with two websites and We aim to build on our reputation for high quality linen, homewares and bedding. I love working with the lovely and interesting customers and retail will remain important but it will take collaboration between landlords, suppliers and customers to ensure that we continue to have healthy vibrant communities in our towns and cities.