Logan Park High School Open Day

Haere Mai and welcome to Logan Park High School.

The secret to our success is that we inspire individuals.

We know that students need to feel happy, and to belong, in order to flourish. We work hard on making our school a caring, kind, and inclusive community where everyone can find their place, make good friends, and discover their potential.

Logan Park High School has a well deserved reputation for being the premier hub of creativity in the Dunedin secondary education sphere. It is certainly true that a disproportionate number of the city’s high achievers in every field, whether academic, creative, sport, music, leadership, or service have been fostered and nurtured by the dynamic, supportive ‘blue sky’ thinking our school embodies and encourages.

Logan Park High School Co-Principals Peter Hills and Kristan Mouat.
Logan Park High School Co-Principals Peter Hills and Kristan Mouat.
We are in the business of growing young people. Our talented staff are learning experts, able to ensure that all students discover the necessary knowledge and skills to place them confidently on the road to becoming life-long learners.

Our students continue to excel in NCEA qualifications. In New Zealand’s premier academic NZQA Scholarship exams our students regularly win top scholarships, and we have sustained these results for over 20 years.

Logan Park graduates won hundreds of thousands of dollars in university scholarships in the past two years, including securing the most prestigious New Zealand university scholarships.

Some recent highlights were winning the 2019 Otago Southland Show Quest, the 2019 Sheilah Winn Shakespeare, as well as the 2018 Otago Rockquest. In athletics, students broke three records at the 2019 South Island Champs.

Our ex-students have distinguished themselves in almost every area: medicine, law, film, theatre, music, gaming, programming, construction, architecture, sports, academia, teaching, marketing, and writing, to name a few.

Whether you are into art, chemistry, maths, languages, film-making, technology, music, drama, sports, or the environment, we’ll help you design a course that challenges and excites you.

Logan Park High School looks forward to welcoming new students in 2020.

Nga mihi nui
- Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills, Co-Principals

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