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Life had overwhelmed Tracey1. Her two young children used to be her source of joy. But now they had turned into a source of money-guzzling worry. If it wasn’t food and shoes, it was school trips and birthdays. They were old enough to know they were missing out but too young to understand why there was no money. Actually it was worse than no money, it was negative money. Massively negative money.

Her spiralling debt had slowly but surely driven Tracey further and further into despair. It started as a small quick loan to get the car fixed when her income couldn’t be stretched any further. A year on, the car is gone, but the high interest on the loan and the credit cards mean her debt keeps growing and growing and growing.

A friend suggested she make an appointment with a Budget Adviser. Working with her BA really helped Tracey start to regain control over her finances. But her debts still worried her. It felt like she would be in debt forever.

With the help of her BA Tracey successfully applied for a Moray Loan. Now her debt isn’t getting bigger, it’s getting smaller each week. In three years she will be debt free.

Life is still challenging for Tracey. She has to work really hard to stick to her budget each week but she can see a way forward. Tracey now has hope for the future, for herself and for her family.

The Moray Foundation Trust provides interest-free loans to people like Tracey. The aim of Moray is to help people avoid getting into unsustainable debt and where possible, to help them escape from it.

Moray provides interest-free loans of $1,000 to $6,000. You pay back what you borrow, nothing more.

To be eligible for a Moray loan you must:

  • Be committed to debt repayment
  • Be able to meet the weekly payments
  • Be working with a Budget Adviser.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by debt that has grown out of control?
Do you know someone who is struggling with unsustainable debt?

Step 1: Check Out the Moray Foundation Trust website for more information about our loans

Step 2: Contact a Budget Adviser and talk to them about a Moray Loan.

If you need to find a Budget Adviser MoneyTalks can help through their website or freephone number 0800 345 123.

Click HERE to visit the Moray Foundation Trust website.

(1The names and details in this scenario are fictitious but the situation described is not)


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