New Dunedin Hospital project updates

A lot has been happening behind the scenes for the New Dunedin Hospital project recently, and this is a great opportunity to reflect and share some
of the progress.
Artist’s impression taken from Site Master Plan
Artist’s impression taken from Site Master Plan
• A significant development is that Concept Design has been delivered for the outpatients building, which will be built on the Wilson Parking site. The larger Acute/Inpatients building is finishing up its last round of Concept Design work. The Concept Design is an important phase of the design process that looks closely at the flows of people and logistics within the building. It helps us develop a very clear picture of where certain departments should be, and how patients, staff, and equipment will move through buildings. This process also gives us a better understanding of what our services need in a new facility.
• If you’ve travelled down Castle St recently you may have seen some serious digging happening in the carpark opposite the Cadbury site. Concrete slabs have been removed, and levelling of the site is underway to prepare this area as an interim vehicle, loading and storage zone for contractors. This is timely, as the demolition process is expected to begin in the early stages of next year.
• A lot of work in this stage of the project is also done around the structure, engineering, and foundations for the buildings. Geotechnical investigations on the new hospital site continue to give us a clearer picture of what it will take to support the new structures. While ground conditions are challenging, engineers are confident that solutions can be put in place to minimise the impact on cost.
• We were pleased to announce recently that part of the former Cadbury site, the historic dairy building, will be retained as part of the New Dunedin Hospital. The high level of heritage interest in the dairy building was noted, and we will continue to look at options for its future use throughout the
design process.
• To assist potential demolition contract tenderers, a series of site visits through the former Cadbury factory have been scheduled. This allows contractors to look closely at the structures that pose significant challenges from a demolition standpoint. Demolition works are due to get underway early next year, subject to obtaining the necessary consents.