Get up and dressed to feel your best

Southern DHB is encouraging patients who are able and willing to “get up and dressed to feel their best”.

A recent #EndPJParalysis 70 day challenge, inspired by a UK programme, saw 6754 days of patients up, dressed and mobile at Dunedin Hospital, a real success says Southern DHB Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Jane Wilson.

“We’ve found that by encouraging patients to sit up, get dressed and moving it makes them feel better, promotes independence and aids recovery. Unnecessary bed rest leads to reduced muscle strength, increased risk of falls, reduced mobility and loss of confidence. By getting up, dressed and moving, patients can be supported to speed up their recovery, maintain their normal routines, and get home sooner.”

The challenge has been embraced by patients and their whānau who have loved seeing that their relative was up and dressed when they came in to visit.

“This is just the start of our mission to get more patients up, dressed and moving in our hospitals. We’re working on embedding this into everyday practice because it’s something that makes a real difference to our patients,” says Mrs Wilson.

Visiting or in hospital?

• Patients are encouraged where they are able and willing, to “get up and dressed to feel your best”.
• If you’re visiting a friend or relative in hospital, ask if you should bring them some clean day clothes.
• They will also need well-fitting shoes or slippers and any glasses, hearing aids or mobility aids they use.

Help us to #EndPJParalysis!


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