Have you ever?... Tori Keating

Queenstown’s Tori Keating is a co-owner of the award-winning New Zealand travel agency xtravel and crams her spare time full of any activity that takes her fancy (including, but not limited to, dressing as a dinosaur and going on outings anywhere she likes, including, most recently, in the Antarctic), while one of the things on her list of 99 things to do before she turns 30 is to get arrested.

... snuck in without paying?

Yep — I grew up with a drive-in theatre as opposed to a cinema. We’d always fill my parents’ car with far more people than was legal to drive, hidden under blankets and in the boot of the car, but we’d spend a bucket-load on popcorn, doughnuts and sweets, which we probably wouldn’t have done if we’d paid for everyone (we would have snuck in our own sweets!).

... sold an unwanted Christmas gift on Trade Me?

Not I. I love all presents and I wouldn’t profit from my friends. I may make an exception, though, for the leopard-print cushion cover a mate’s wife once made me with a furry pink map of Tasmania (not a euphemism, they actually lived in Tasmania). However, my husband once tried to sell my Australian Wallabies rugby jersey on Trade Me as he figured it was time I upgraded to a black jersey. His brother bought it and gave it back to me.

... been arrested?

No, but crazy though it is, it IS on my list of 99 things to do before I turn 50. I’d need a diversion as opposed to a conviction, though, as I’d need to continue travelling, so my crime would have to be pretty petty. I wonder if Sean Drader would mind if I squirted him with a water bottle ... ?

... slipped an extra hundy from the bank during a game of Monopoly when no-one was looking?

Oh no, I’m waaay too competitive to cheat! I want the satisfaction of knowing that I have totally beat the pants off someone fair and square. When I was a kid, I would sleep over at a friends’ place for two or three days at a time, and our Monopoly games would be of such epic proportions that if one of us needed to use the bathroom we would both have to go and take turns standing at the door and singing loudly at the tops of our lungs so the one on the loo knew the other wasn’t cheating.

... gone in for a kiss and missed the mark?

A lady never (nearly) kisses and tells ...

... spent more than three consecutive days in your PJs eating only cereal for dinner?

The PJs yes, but no to the cereal. That aside, isn’t cereal at night just cold soup?

... got a tattoo somewhere you regret?

Yes. In Thailand.

... peed in a pool?

The owner of our local swimming pool where I grew up once told a bunch of the local kids that he’d introduced a new chemical into the water, and if anyone peed in the pool they’d be surrounded by a ring of yellow water. Whether or not that chemical actually exists isn’t something I ever actually looked up, but it scared me enough never to try. I never actually saw anyone swimming with that yellow ring around them though. Now, the sea. The sea is a another story. If fish pee there, why can’t I?

... dropped the F bomb during an interview?

All the f ... ing time. I’m an Aussie — pretty sure it’s one of the first three words we learn as babies.

... injured yourself dancing?

I love salsa (the dance, not the sauce, though the sauce is pretty good too), so absolutely yes. I’ve been clocked in the nose in a spin, dropped in dips and have had unsteady stiletto heels puncture the top of my feet when overzealous fellas twirl tipsy girls too fast. Salsa should come with a warning.