Active faults found under Dunedin

Researchers have found a number of active faults in the wider Dunedin area.

The discoveries by GNS Science do not change the overall seismic hazard of the city, but one of the faults extends closer to the city than previously thought and a couple of new fault sources were uncovered.

GNS said this morning the "new'' fault sources had been assigned a low level of activity.

Study leader Pilar Villamor said the Dunedin study followed a recommendation from the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission for more research to paint a better picture of the quake risk faced by population centres.

Dunedin was chosen for the initial study because active faults that were already known could potentially extend under the city.

The study probed the sub-surface both on land and off the Dunedin coast.

Scientists used techniques including conventional geological studies, geophysical techniques, GPS, satellite imagery, and deployment of seismometers.



Any website links to the data?