Artistic licence flies free

Photo: Gerard O'Brien
Photo: Gerard O'Brien
Dunedin artist Frank Gordon recently completed this, the second of two murals by him in Halsey St, Dunedin, in the waterfront industrial area.

Because the murals faced a bus depot where many people arrived from other towns, travelling was ''definitely a theme'' in the work, Mr Gordon said.

The first mural in the area, which he completed early this year, depicts a street map of the city, but should not be used for journey planning because of what he termed the ''artistic licence'' involved.

''I love painting people and used to paint flying people often,'' he said of the second mural.

''The flying girl represents freedom, travel, adventure and the belief you can do anything you want.''

He had loved painting both works and was ''grateful to the Dunedin Street Art Trust and Delta for the opportunity''.

A Delta spokeswoman has said the art project was part of an initiative by the company to tidy up its surrounding office space area. 

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