Charitable trust set up to support professional theatre

Hannah Molloy
Hannah Molloy
The group established to advocate for professional theatre after the closure of the Fortune Theatre has set up as a charitable trust.

Former Fortune marketing and sponsorship manager Hannah Molloy has been appointed chairwoman of the Stage South Charitable Trust.

Ms Molloy said the trust would serve as an advocacy, resource and service trust for professional theatre in Otago and Southland.

It was not a replacement for the Fortune Theatre Trust and did not intend to establish a theatre company or produce theatre work.

Instead it would focus on supporting the development of professional theatre and practitioners in the region, and work with the Dunedin City Council and consultant Charcoalblue on the city's performing arts feasibility study.

It would also serve as guardian for the former Fortune Theatre wardrobe that was bought from liquidators.

The trust had four trustees and was looking for another with empathy for professional theatre and legal expertise.

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