City film for festival

Dunedin will feature in a short film selected for the inaugural Maoriland Film Festival in Otaki this month.

Kia Ora Miguel, produced and directed by Southern Institute of Technology film graduate Jaimee Poipoi, was funded and supported by Short Film Otago.

It tells the story of a grandmother's attempt to reconnect her family and was filmed in Musselburgh with actors from Dunedin and Invercargill.

The lead character, a 10-year-old boy, was played by a child from the Dunedin suburb.

Ms Poipoi said it was her first funded film, and the first she directed to be selected for a film festival.

It will be one of 55 short films shown at Maoriland from March 26-30, and the only one filmed in Otago.

There were also nine feature films included in the festival, director Libby Hakaraia said.

''We looked for films that resonate in the community and pulled together what we think is a really representative display of indigenous film in New Zealand, as well as from overseas,'' she said.

Thousands of people were expected to view the films during the festival.


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