Concerns for patient who left hospital

Concerns are held for the safety of a 32-year-old Dunedin man who is believed to have disconnected his drip while in a ward at Dunedin Hospital and walked out with a cannula still in his arm.

Luke Taborski was receiving medical treatment in the hospital, from where he disappeared about 7.30pm on Monday, police said.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said Mr Taborski reportedly became agitated and disconnected a drip from the cannula, which was connected to an artery in his arm.

It could be dangerous for him to remove the cannula without medical assistance, because it could lead to excessive bleeding, Snr Sgt Aitken said.

There was also the risk of Mr Taborski trying to inject substances into his arm using the cannula, he said.

Mr Taborski was known to "live rough" in the Town Belt area, Snr Sgt Aitken said.

He said anyone with information on Mr Taborski's location should contact Dunedin police.


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