Criminal liability being determined

Dunedin police are investigating whether the man responsible for shutting down much of the central city due to a bomb scare on Friday is criminally liable.

Police are staying tight-lipped on the package and accompanying note which were found stuck to the wall of a former strip club in Moray Pl about 12.40pm on Friday.

The New Zealand Defence Force's explosive ordnance disposal squad was flown by helicopter to the city and destroyed the package in a controlled explosion carried out by a remote-controlled robot shortly after 5pm.

Much of the central city had been evacuated and cordoned off as police assessed the threat.

In a brief statement yesterday, police confirmed they had spoken to the man responsible for placing the package but did not state his reasoning for doing so.

``Dunedin police are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding a suspicious package located in Moray Pl on Friday,'' the statement said.

``We can confirm that the package was not an explosive device, and that we have identified and interviewed the person responsible for placing the package in Moray Pl.

``From what our investigation has established to date, we can assure the community that there was no danger to members of the public.

``As part of the ongoing investigation into this incident, police will determine if there is any criminal liability.''

Damage to the wall of former Diamond Lounge adult entertainment venue, where the package was placed, was visible yesterday.


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