Cycle lane work to affect parking

Up to 200 Dunedin parking spaces will be unavailable for two months when work starts on the latest link in the city's cycle network.

Work on the cycle lane linking the central city to the West Harbour shared path will start later this year, after a resource consent was granted earlier this month.

The 3m-wide path will start at the St Andrew St car park, near the Dunedin Railway Station, and run alongside the railway line and under the Ward St overbridge, before entering Wickliffe St, where it will connect to the Water of Leith shared path.

A section of the railway line will be moved as part of the work.

Dunedin City Council transport group manager Richard Saunders said construction of the path would start within the next two months.

Richard Saunders
Richard Saunders

It was expected to take up to eight weeks to complete and cost about $700,000, Mr Saunders said.

Eventually it would provide a direct cycling link between the railway station and Port Chalmers, once the State Highway 88 shared path was completed.

The St Andrew St car park needed to be reconfigured to accommodate the cycle lane.

The entire car park would be closed for about two months.

Mr Saunders said as it was not marked, he could not say exactly how many parks would be affected but in the past the council has said it has a capacity of about 200.

Parking would be improved once the work had finished, he said.

In its 10-year plan, the council has set aside $20million for improving and adding to the city's cycleways.


The cycle lanes must go through come hell or high water ....... seems to be the mantra of the dcc these days.

If parking will be "improved" after work is completed then these zealots must have some idea of the car parks future capacity. If they don't they are either lying or doing a typical DCC no real planning build.
It will be interesting to see the real final cost, moving rail lines is far from cheap.

The DCC should halt all cycle lane activity and focus on what the problems are with the current ones, ( not the DCC's idea but the peoples concerns) fix that and sign a MOU with the people of Dunedin not to do the same as previously done. Sure Cycle lanes are good but a city should not go backwards at the expense of a few. There is no way carparks should be removed for cycle lanes. talking about wasting money how is the 3D painted crossings holding up @ 120 000 of rate payers coin.

Surely the whole carpark doesn't need to be shut for this, otherwise you can expect a lot of annoyed motorists.

I don't park there, but i do see it very full looking most days.

I'm feeling a strong desire to cast a vote in the next local body election.
$20 million spent on cycleways while we have drainage issues dating back decades.
Just, plain, stupid !!!


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