Dancers on time

Photo: Linda Robertson.
Photo: Linda Robertson.
Dancers and co-facilitators of Dunedin Fringe Festival show Composure Leah Carrell  and Ben Mitchell, both of Auckland, go through their moves.

Carrell, a University of Otago graduate, said she and Mitchell would be joined by Auckland dancers Elle Farrar and Jasmine Donald for the "10-hour dance improvisation endurance" piece today.

There was an open invitation  to watch or participate in the piece.

"Inviting people in is going to offer us with rich goodness — so why not?"

The koha show at 23 Princes St began at 11am and people were invited  to:

Come as a dancer and investigate the troupe’s methods by working with them.

• Come as a maker and bring an idea — such as a painting, a poem or a story — to inspire movement.

• Come and play an instrument and improvise with the troupe.

• Come as an observer and watch the piece unfold. 

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