DCC seeks support for cat control

The Dunedin City Council will seek support from other New Zealand councils to gain greater control of cat management.

If additional support from councils was gained, a remit would ask Local Government New Zealand to call upon the Government to give councils statutory power to control cats.

The DCC was researching a Wellington City Council bylaw on microchipping cats. However, the current bylaw could not be enforced by non-compliance fees.

Cat management would focus on the control of wild cats.


Agree , we as a cat owner are responsible, cat was fixed at a young age, inside by 7pm at night ( some nights he will try and stay out) wears a collar with a bell on it. How about the DCC start to look at the council and Mayor as well, the people of Dunedin pay the councils wages and expect first rate decisions. No way should the council be able to introduce a cat register just to gain extra coin from people.