Dunedin residents invited to Orientation event

The University of Otago is holding an Orientation event for the families of Dunedin students for the first time next month, with local parents and students given an opportunity to learn about life at the institution.

Vice-chancellor Prof Harlene Hayne said she was looking forward to meeting the students and their families.

The event, on February 10 at 2pm at the College of Education Auditorium on Union St, would be the first time the university had held an event for local families.

''We do an outstanding job of welcoming students from outside Dunedin to Otago during Orientation, but we sometimes forget that students who grew up in Dunedin are also new to the university. ''Some of them will also be the first in their family to attend university and will not know exactly what to expect here,'' Prof Hayne said.

Those who went along to the event would be shown around the university's facilities.

''It's also an opportunity for them to ask questions they may have about university life,'' she said.

The Orientation was the first in a series being held for students and their families, with one in Auckland on February 12 and additional events for the families of students entering the residential colleges on February 13, 16, and 17.

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