Esplanade vehicle ban to be considered

Photo: Stephen Jaquiery.
The Esplanade. Photo: ODT files
The Dunedin City Council is to investigate the option of making the Esplanade at St Clair pedestrian-only.

At yesterday's council infrastructure services and networks committee meeting, Cr Conrad Stedman asked for a staff report on the possibility of pedestrianising the 30km/h waterfront road.

Cr Stedman had earlier told the meeting the rising popularity of St Clair was adding to the pressure on parking in the area.

Some people were using the Esplanade as a place to show off their vehicles, and he feared it was only a matter of time until a young child was hit.

Vehicle access to the Esplanade had been restricted while contractors worked on a new roundabout at the intersection of Forbury and Victoria Rds, and he believed that the change had been well received.

Cr David Benson-Pope said he hoped the report would consider wider urban design issues in the area, including parking and beach access, and not just pedestrianisation.

The move followed last month's trial closure of the Dunedin Railway Station forecourt, prohibiting vehicles from using the area, which could lead to a permanent change by the middle of the year.



OMG WTF, to steal some teenager phrases.! The Council choose to look at this issue now the money has been spent on building a roundabout (that doesn't work in full) to address the problems at that junction, part of which were cars accessing the Esplanade. Why was this not addressed as part of the initial assessment! I'm astonished at how incompetent this is - geez, and they want to redevelop a whole harbour front!

T Scott. I like the roundabout. Slows traffic down. Pedestrians rule in that area- just spent my birthday and a attended a wedding in that zone so have watched activities. Vehicles are not appropriate or conducive to safety and a relaxed atmosphere.

Once again DCC worrying about the trifles while ignoring Dunedin's real issues.
And do these "experts" also understand pedestranisation doesn't include use by bikes? Or does Dunedin also have a particular version of this not seen in the rest of the world?

What a shame for those who arnt mobile enough to get out of a car so easily. after my Grandmother had her hips done to get her out of the house was a struggle and we would go there an park so she could watch the sea, I wonder if the local restaurants have wondered what missing out on all those car parks will do to their businesses. Really a silly idea and will prevent many people from being able to enjoy that space.