Exchange student bashed and robbed on way home

An 18-year-old exchange student from Asia has been left with facial injuries and bruising after an attack by three men in South Dunedin.

The attackers, aged between about 17 and 22, punched and kneed the teenager in the head, then stole his passport, wallet, iPod and backpack, Senior Sergeant Phil McDouall said.

The attack happened about 3.30am on Saturday when the exchange student was walking home along Hillside Rd after finishing a late shift at his part-time job.

Snr Sgt McDouall said two of the attackers were described as Maori and the other as Caucasian. He did not think the attack was racially motivated.

"The exchange student was walking home listening to his iPod and kicking a can along the street, and apparently these guys didn't like that and jumped him. They took off with his belongings and tossed out what they didn't want, which we found on nearby streets," Snr Sgt McDouall said.

The student was taken to Dunedin Hospital for treatment.

The attack was being investigated by the Dunedin CIB.

Anyone with information about the incident was urged to contact Dunedin police.


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