Father-daughter team in world record bid

Photo by Peter McIntosh.
Photo by Peter McIntosh.
A Dunedin runner and his daughter are out to smash a world record in Outram on Sunday.

University of Otago research fellow Dougal Thorburn (31) and daughter Audrey (2), seen practising yesterday in Woodhaugh Gardens, will try to break the Guinness world record for the fastest 10km run while pushing a pram.

The attempt will take place during the Hill Free 10km race, using a non-modified Chariot pram, because the records had to be made on an officially measured course, using a commercially available pram with a child inside.

Dr Thorburn, of Northeast Valley, was "pretty confident" he and Audrey would beat the 34min 19sec record set by Australian Russell Stokes in 2008.

In July, Dr Thorburn recorded an unofficial time of 33min 11sec.

The weather forecast for Sunday looked favourable, with little wind to hinder his run, he said.

A puncture, an injury, or Audrey becoming too restless were unpredictable factors on race day, Dr Thorburn said.

"I'm in good nick at the moment ... And [Audrey] is used to being in the pram. There's a 50% chance she will go to sleep."

The run was also a celebration of the time spent exercising with Audrey and elder daughter Lucy (5).

"We've clocked up around 15,000km in the five years I have had the pram," he said.

The run would also promote the benefits of sustainable transport, he said.

Vehicles accounted for about half the carbon dioxide emissions in the world, so people should combine physical activity and transportation, he said.

Short car trips could be replaced with walking, running or cycling, he said.

The idea for the record attempt came from banter on a running blog, he said.

If he broke the record, he expected many retired runners to dust off their trainers and have a crack.

The race starts at the Outram Community Hall in Formby St at 9.30am on Sunday.

- Shawn McAvinue.


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