Few chances under sun to see eclipse

Dunedin people who miss seeing a partial solar eclipse in the city next Wednesday are in for a long wait for the next one.

The next such solar eclipse is not due to be visible from the city until September 2025.

Weather permitting, people will be able to view the partial eclipse safely next Wednesday, starting at 9.34am, at the city's Beverly Begg Observatory in Robin Hood Park, Belleknowes.

The partial eclipse would reach its maximum, with more than half the sun eclipsed, at 10.36am and end at 11.43am, Dunedin Astronomical Society officials said.

Members of the public were advised not to look at the sun with telescopes or binoculars unless these were fitted with specialised filters, because of the risk of eye injury, officials said.

Society education director Ash Pennell said a solar telescope and other telescopes with protective filters would be provided at the observatory.

The Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand's website notes the next partial solar eclipse visible from Dunedin is due on September 22, 2025.




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