Flagstaff Hill stabilisation project 'on schedule’

Photo: Gerard O'Brien
Photo: Gerard O'Brien
Contractors working for Port Otago continue to cut terraced steps into Flagstaff Hill, in Port Chalmers, as part of a $2.9million project to stabilise the hill and realign Beach St.

About half of the 45,000cum of dirt and rock to be excavated has been removed from the hillside, which has a history of slipping, and taken to an old landfill in Fairfield.

Project manager Andy Pullar said the project remained ''right on schedule''.

The stabilisation project came after repeated land instability on the hill, dating back to 1999, had encroached on the road and port railway tracks.

Once the earthworks were complete, the road, rail and footpath would be realigned to improve safety and in readiness for future operational requirements at the port.

The work was expected to be largely completed by November, leaving only the replanting of the area in natives, which was scheduled for autumn next year. 

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