Glen’s 'unreliable witness' a triple awards winner

A Dunedin production took the top prize at Fringe Awards Night.

Last night, the Dunedin Fringe Festival production unreliable witness won three awards - the best of fringe, most original concept and best music.

The 45-minute production by Leyton Glen, of Dunedin, was billed as "a series of tenuous, flimsy, weak, doubtful, dubious, suspect, unsound, unsubstantial, unconvincing, unsubstantiated, fallible, risky, disreputable, defective, inaccurate and vague ideas about sound''.

The other nominees for the best of fringe award were Dark Matter, Lovely Lady Lump and The Glitta Supernova Experience - Lets get METAphysical.


Fringe awards

The best of Fringe: unreliable witness.

Most original concept: unreliable witness.

Best emerging talent: Dark Side of the Moon.

Outstanding performer: Edwin Wright for Manifesto 2083.

Best cabaret: A Sanctimonious Celebration of Drag and S&M.

Best comedy: A Tension to Detail.

Best dance: Solo Community.

Best multimedia or film: Dark Matter.

Best music: unreliable witness.

Best theatre: Lovely Lady Lump.

Best visual or performance art: Bollards: A Comedy of Hyper-Industrialisation.

Outstanding design: Dark Matter.



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