House search yields no clues to mystery

Tuitania (Tui) Marama Barclay
Tuitania (Tui) Marama Barclay
The police search of a Dunedin home on Friday provided no major leads relating to the disappearance of a mother who went missing 12 years ago, Detective Senior Sergeant Malcolm Inglis said yesterday.

However, Snr Sgt Inglis, of Dunedin, who is leading the investigation, said some new ''positive'' information had been received when police made a call for information on Friday.

Police reopened a cold case after suspecting foul play in the disappearance of Tuitania (Tui) Marama Barclay in 2002.

Snr Sgt Inglis said Ms Barclay's former partner Bill Brown was living in England, with the couple's two children.

When Ms Barclay disappeared, the two youngest children were under the age of 2.

A month before Ms Barclay disappeared, she had indicated she was going to end her relationship with Mr Brown.

Police had not spoken to Mr Brown since the case had been reopened.

Snr Sgt Inglis said Bill Brown was a common name in England, which made finding him ''reasonably difficult''.

For now, the investigation was focused in New Zealand and inquiries had been made in Waikato and Otago, he said.

''We've got an open mind to any scenarios; we can't close the door on anything at this stage.''

People with information can contact Detective Matt Preece on 471-4800. Information can also be provided anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555-111.


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