Lights, and then (Barnes) dancing

Contractors install new traffic lights at the intersection of Princes St and Moray Pl, in Dunedin, this week.

The intersection has been changed to a Barnes dance system and, as part of the conversion, the lanes in the upper quadrant have been reduced from three to two and the road markings changed, improving the alignment with traffic coming straight across the intersection from lower Moray Pl.

Dunedin City Council transport engineering and road safety team leader Hjarne Poulsen said the Barnes dances already in place in the city were working well. The main aim was to improve pedestrian safety and make the road network run more smoothly.

"This has certainly been the case so far and we'll keep monitoring the intersections to assess how they're working," Mr Poulsen said.

The last Barnes dances to go in "at this stage" would be at the intersections of Great King St with Moray Pl and St Andrew St (at either end of the central city bus hub).

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