Man admits intending to rape because he couldn't get a 'missus'

A man who assaulted a woman with intent to rape her at Jubilee Park told police he did it because he could not get a "missus".

It was his intention to find a female at the park and rape her, the man said.

Before the Dunedin District Court yesterday, Shaun Kahu Leonard (29), labourer, admitted assaulting the woman with intent to rape her, on September 24.

In custody by consent, Leonard did not seek bail.

Judge Paul Kellar, of Christchurch, gave him a "three strikes" warning and remanded him for sentence on November 27.

The summary, from prosecutor Sergeant Steven Armitage, said the 25-year-old victim was observing birdlife at Jubilee Park, about 9.30am.

Leonard was also at the park, armed with a knife, after driving there intending to find a female with whom he could have sexual intercourse.

Seeing the victim on a track, Leonard walked away from her but lingered close to the track, waiting for a chance to attack her.

After a short time, he grabbed the victim's shoulders with both hands and pushed her backwards, causing her to land on her back on a grassy area beside the track.

Leonard lay on top of her. He pulled her top open, placed a hand on her breast and kissed her forehead.

During the attack, he had the knife in his hand.

The victim was struggling and yelling at him to get off.

He did so and fled when he saw her reach for her cellphone to call police.

Although the victim had little in the way of any physical injury, she suffered severe emotional trauma.

When interviewed by police, Leonard gave his explanation of intending to find a female to rape because he could not get a "missus".