Youths charged, stolen goods found

Police have recovered a large cache of stolen goods, after arresting two groups of youths who have have been targeting dozens of vehicles in the greater St Clair area.

The recovered items include six surfboards, snowboards, clothing, lawnmowers, gardening equipment and golf clubs.

South Dunedin Neighbourhood Policing team Sergeant Trevor Thompson said three 17-year-olds were arrested earlier this week and had been charged with theft from motor vehicles.

On Wednesday, two other 17-year-olds were arrested in connection with other thefts in the greater St Clair area.

The groups were acting independently of each other, with the offending spread over several months and dozens of vehicles targeted.

Sgt Thompson praised the success of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, which was set up earlier this year to work with the community and tackle crime.

However, the incidents served as another reminder for people to lock their vehicles and garages, and also to store their valuables somewhere safe and secure, he said.

Police have recovered all the stolen goods and are asking those affected St Clair residents to come forward and claim their property by contacting Sgt Thompson or Detective Mike Bracegirdle on 471-4800.


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