Miniball proves popular

Victor Christoff (7), of  Fairfield School, leads the charge in the Taieri miniball competition...
Victor Christoff (7), of Fairfield School, leads the charge in the Taieri miniball competition at the Memorial Park Hall. Also pictured is Jayla Duncan (No 13), of East Taieri. Fairfield won 14-5. Photo by Craig Baxter.

Children young and old enjoy the weekly Taieri miniball competition.

A total of 37 teams from six schools have entered this year's competition.

About 240 pupils aged 7-11 play the sport each week.

It is also popular with parents and grandparents who enjoy seeing their offspring in action.

''It's a good fast game and the kids enjoy it,'' Fairfield School organiser Sue Grave said.

''It's a fun game and the numbers have continued to grow over the last few years.''

Fairfield has 11 teams entered in the annual competition, and it is a popular sport.

Games are played weekly after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at the Taieri College Gymnasium and the Memorial Park Hall in Mosgiel.

The referees are Taieri College pupils.

The 12-week competition started in May and continues until the end of August.

The committee running the sport contains people from the six competing schools - East Taieri, Elm Grove, Fairfield, Outram, Saint Marys and Silverstream.

''The results of each week's games and other information are put on a website,'' Mrs Grave said.

There are five players from each team on the court at one time.

Each game lasts 24 minutes and consists of four six-minute spells.

Mrs Grave highlighted the importance of getting support from parents and other outside people.

''From a school's point of view, when you have 11 teams you can't do it without the help of parents to coach the teams,'' she said.

''We get great parent support and there are also a lot of grandparents down there as well.''



Taieri winners 2013


Year 3

• East Taieri Red.

Year 4

Section A: Silverstream Breakers.

Section B: East Taieri Green.

Year 5 and 6

Section A: Silverstream Aces.

Section B: Elmgrove 49ers.

Section C: 61st Elmgrove Bulls.



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